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Eyelid Surgery in Fresno, CA


Droopy, pronounced eyelids become a common problem as we all age. For many, droopy eyelids are merely a cosmetic issue. Unfortunately for others, droopy eyelids can obstruct vision and make life more difficult. Through modern advances in cosmetic surgery, we are now able to restore a more youthful look to droopy eyes. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that is performed on upper and lower eyelids.

Blepharoplasty Before and After

When is a blepharoplasty necessary?  

  • When your eyelids are encroaching  on your field of vision.
  • When you want to reduce the loose skin over your eyes or the bags under your eyes.

Before we can schedule your surgery, you will need to come into our office in Fresno, California. We will need to discuss what exactly you want from a blepharoplasty as well as determine whether or not surgery is a right fit for you. Whether you are interested in undergoing a blepharoplasty for a more youthful look or for functional purposes, our doctors here at Fogg Remington EyeCare are here to help!