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BOTOX Injection

BOTOX Injections in Fresno, CA

BOTOXBOTOX injections have become the go-to procedure for reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX has shown to be extremely effective and can be done very quickly, with no downtime at all!

BOTOX injections are for those who primarily want to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles.

Before your treatment:

You will need to come in for a short consultation before getting your first BOTOX injection to determine if you are a good fit.

After your treatment:

It's important not to rub or massage the areas where BOTOX was injected following the procedure. Rubbing or massaging the affected area could spread the toxins in BOTOX to other unaffected areas.

What Does BOTOX Do?

BOTOX blocks certain chemical signals from nerves, particularly signals that allow the muscles to contract. BOTOX can also treat conditions like lazy eye, bladder dysfunction, chronic migraines, eye twitching and more! To find out if BOTOX can help you, schedule an appointment today!

Is BOTOX Permanent?

BOTOX is not a permanent procedure, the effects usually last for roughly 3-6 months. However, you can have BOTOX applied again to the same area, but multiple uses of BOTOX over time may cause side effects like nausea, weakened muslces, and more.

Realistic Expectations:

BOTOX is very safe when used in small doses. BOTOX proteins are only attracted to muscle, so it has no effect on the central nervous system. Muscles related to other facial expressions are rarely affected, and one in every one-hundred may experience a temporary drooping of the eyelid that lasts around one week. 

Serious complications with BOTOX are rare; nonetheless, like every other medical procedure, there are risks involved. See our specialists at Fogg Remington EyeCare to determine whether or not the risk of BOTOX injections are worth the benefits for you.

If you decide that you want to go through with BOTOX injections, any questions you have will be answered by our doctors here at Fogg Remington EyeCare in Fresno, California. Call us today to schedule your consultation